The Cedar Creek Approach

The simplicity of our operating model has driven outsized returns for our investors for nearly two decades.

Cedar Creek Capital

Cedar Creek Capital is a vertically integrated real estate private equity firm specializing in the acquisition, development, and management of self-storage facilities. Cedar Creek Capital drives shareholder values through operational synergies throughout our entities.

The BIRD Model

We apply this model to mid-level risk growth assets and low-level risk stabilized assets to deliver investors maximum return potential with minimum downside exposure.


We target 50,000 square foot facilities in growing markets with a minimum population of 30,000.

Cash Flow

From systems and operations to employees and amenities, we identify value-add opportunities and implement them accordingly to give our investors maximum return potential.

Reduce Risk, Take Money Out

We then leverage the capital we have in the asset and refinance it into a non-recourse loan, reducing any potential risks and clearing our investors of any liability.

Do It Again

We implement this strategy over and over again to turn underperforming facilities into market leaders.

Why Invest With Cedar Creek?

Our vertical integration creates complete synergy across our investments.


We own all of our self-storage facilities.


We own the property management company that operates our facilities.


We own the software company that supports our self-storage operations.


We own the distribution network that delivers the deals, resources, and credibility that supports our portfolio growth.

Investment Strategy

Cedar Creek’s Investor Success Formula

Our Criteria

We search high and low for facilities with extreme upside potential, here’s our criteria:

Growing Markets

We search for facilities in markets with at least 30,000 people in order to ensure long-term economic growth for our investors.


The facilities we target have no less than 50,000 rentable square feet, leaving plenty of room for new tenants.


We target facilities in strong markets with high visibility, ensuring the future is bright for all of our investors.


72% of self-storage facilities are owned by mom and pop operators which provides enormous acquisition potential and exit opportunities for our investors.


Self-storage utilization among American households exceeded 10% meaning that more than 1 out of every 10 U.S. households are renting a self-storage unit.


We identify and target underperforming facilities in these markets in order to apply the BIRD Method and get maximum cash flow potential for our investors.

Why Should You Invest?

Our formula has landed us in the top 70 performers worldwide for 7 years running.

Proven Value Creation

Across 60+ years of combined experience, our personal value-add portfolio has averaged a 1314% total return.

Experienced Team

With 60 years of combined self-storage experience, 8,000+ doors, and over $200 million in assets under management, Cedar Creek Capital is a global authority in this industry.

Complete Synergy

Cedar Creek Capital owns the storage facility, the property management company that runs it, the software company that supports it, and the media network that brought the deal.

The Cedar Creek Ecosystem

From acquisitions and developments to software integration, management, operations, and media, Cedar Creek does it all.

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