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What We Do


We buy underperforming facilities in growing markets with great potential.

Cash Flow

We identify value-add opportunities and implement them across the facility to increase cash flow.

Reduce Risk

We reduce the risk of our investors by refinancing the capital we have in one asset into a non-recourse loan, eliminating any liability on the investor.

Do It Again

We repeat this strategy across all assets to turn lackluster facilities into market leaders.

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Why Should You Invest with Cedar Creek Capital?


Cedar Creek Capital is a vertically integrated real estate private equity firm specializing in the acquisition, development, and management of self-storage facilities.  Cedar Creek Capital drives shareholder values through operational synergies throughout our entities.

AJ Osborne


AJ Osborne is an American entrepreneur, businessman, and investor who owns and manages his self-storage portfolio of over $212 million of assets through his companies Cedar Creek Wealth, Bitterroot Holdings, and Clearwater Benefits.

Ron Osborne


Owner/CEO of Keylock Storage and the Co-Founder/President of Cedar Creek Wealth, Ron has been an influential leader in the storage industry for over 19 years. He served on the Storelocal Cooperative Board of Directors during the early years of guiding them to financial success and he currently serves as Chair of the Idaho Self Storage Association.

Sam Whitaker


Sam Whitaker currently holds the positions of President and Chief Financial Officer of Bitterroot Holdings, and CFO of Cedar Creek Wealth. His role at Cedar Creek Wealth and Bitterroot Holdings as the CFO is one where Sam ensures the financing of property developments, acquisitions and refinancing of existing ventures.

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Why Self-Storage?

The recession-resistant asset you need.

360 Degree Advantage

Self-storage facilities run like a business, providing enormous cash flow potential alongside an operational blueprint. This creates efficiencies and scale while delivering all the same tax benefits that come with owning and holding real estate. These facilities create advantages for investors from all angels.

Growing Utilization

Recently, self-storage utilization among American households exceeded 10% meaning that more than 1 out of every 10 U.S. households are renting a self-storage unit.

Low Industry Consolidation

72% of self-storage facilities are owned by mom and pop operators which provides enormous acquisition potential and exit opportunities as large institutional investors will ultimately recognize the value of this asset class.

Low Maintenance

Given the highly standardized nature of the self-storage business, maintenance and operational expenses remain extremely low (< 33%) compared to other asset classes, providing consistent distribution for investors.

Resistant to Market Forces

Independent of macroeconomic factors, self-storage utilization remains reliable as bull markets yield increased consumption creating a need for more space and bare markets necessitate downsizing and consolidation.

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Everyone that I've met from Cedar Creek seems to have this moral compass, and they're doing things for the right reasons. THOSE are the people I want to get behind. "

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